rafting - rowers

Price & Information


Price & important information


Transfer from Split
Adults - 70€ / Children 6-14y - 60€
Arrival by car
Adults - 60€ / Children 6-14y - 50€
Private tour *up to 8 people
560€ with transfer / 480€ without transfer

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- Entry tickets

- Necessary rafting equipment: helmet, lifejacket, paddle

- Food and drinks:

Coffee and pastries before the start of the trip

Picnic during the trip with water, fresh fruit, sandwich and energy bar.

- Pick-up service and transport from Split to the starting point, and back to Split

- Video equipment (Go-Pro action camera - video from your rafting experience will be sent to you a few days later)

- Expert river guide, river tax, and obligatory insurance

- If you cancel 24h before the start of the trip, you are entitled to a full refund.


- For this rafting tour, you do not need any previous experience, the river is suitable for beginners and children over the age of six.

- Non-swimmers can also attend the rafting tour since everyone is obligated to wear a lifejacket

- Side activities are not mandatory (cliff jumping, entering a cave with cold spring water).

If you want to avoid the cave, you can bypass it on foot by getting off the boat a few meters ahead of the entrance (the guide will inform you where to go), and if you don't want to go jump off the cliffs, you can swim in the river that is not so fast or deep in that spot, or you can simply just sunbathe and relax.

Trail difficulty is II and III grade (on a scale from 1 to 6)


- Swimsuit

- If you have water shoes bring them, if you don't have them, we will give them to you

- Towel

- Change of clothes and shoes to put on after rafting


- Sun protection

- If you’re taking any type of glasses, make sure to fasten them

- We recommend you not take any valuables, such as jewelry and watches

- Water-resistant gadgets (cell phone, camera, smartwatch, etc.)