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Terms of Use


These instructions and terms of booking and purchase of tourist arrangements are an integral part of the Contract, namely the Voucher issued by the tourist agency for the traveler who applies for a tourist arrangement. The general terms of business are published on the website of Rafting Experience Cetina and are the basis for resolving any disputes between the guest and the agency. The parties commit to resolving any disputes by agreement. In the case of litigation, court in Split is in charge and the Croatian law is applicable.


Inquiries and bookings are received by e-mail, telephone, or online sales on the agency's website. When making a reservation, the client confirms that he or she is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions of the agency's service and accepts them in entirety. In this way, all that is stated in the General Terms becomes a legal obligation for the guest and the Agency. When booking, the client is obliged to provide all the information required by the booking process or the form on our website.


Clients can pay for the services with with credit or debit cards in HRK or EUR. The prices of all our offers or combinations of the arrangements are clearly listed on Rafting Experience Cetina web site.


Rafting Experience Cetina reserves the right to complete and partial change to the itinerary of trips if there are exceptional circumstances that could not be predicted or avoided before the start of the journey. If agency cancels the trip, the client is entitled to the full refund of the paid ammount, but not to compensation for the damages. If a client makes a reservation that the agency can not fulfill for justified reasons, the guest is not offered an alternative that must be of the same or higher quality as the quality of the booked arrangement. In case the client insists on changing or cancellation of the reservation, it must be done in writing by e-mail or call or text us on our mobile phone at least 24 hours prior to departure. If the client does not appear on the day of the excursion (previously paid in full) or does not announce the cancellation at least 24 hours prior to departure the agency reserves the right to the full amount of the paid arrangement.


Rafting Experience Cetina does not take responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. The guest is obliged to inform us about all the facts considering their health and habits which could endanger the arrangement.


All clients traveling in arrangements organized by Rafting Experience Cetina are covered by insurance policy contracted with Euroherc Insurance d.d. Additional insurance is not included in the package price. We kindly recommend our clients to purchase travel insurance policy in the country of their origin.