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Rafting on River Cetina

Whitewater Rafting on Cetina river

Our day trip from Split offers the perfect blend of thrilling rafting and exciting extra activities to give you the complete Cetina River experience.

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Meeting point

Our main meeting point is in Split, conveniently located at the bus station on Trg Franje Tuđmana in the center of the town. If you are in the vicinity of Split, we will organize a meeting closer to your accommodation.

If you're driving, meeting point is in village Podgrađe, where our rafting trip begins.

Departure time from Split is at 9:30h, and the meeting time at our village house is at 10:30h. Our departure time is set perfectly so we can avoid a crowded river to ensure you have a full experience!

Rafting from Split - Itinerary

Slightly different experience!

Our unique rafting adventure on the Cetina River begins with a stop at our village house, just five minutes from the river. Here, you'll enjoy a welcome coffee and pastries before your adventure. You'll also be equipped with the necessary safety equipment, including a helmet, life jacket, and paddle. The river is calm at the beginning, making it the perfect spot for learning the basics of rowing. This tour contains rapids of II and III grades (on a scale from 1 to 6), suitable for all ages and experience levels, including beginners and children over the age of 6. The 12-kilometer-long route wanders through the breathtaking canyon of the Cetina River, which is surrounded by preserved and clean nature. Leaving the quiet part of the river, we'll soon enter two impressively green "tunnels" of tree branches that span the river, before the river starts to twist and turn in a more demanding part.

Cetina rafting
Cetina rafting

We provide more than rafting!

We take pride in offering more than just rafting. To make sure you have a complete river adventure, we enrich the classical rafting with more side activities.

You will have the opportunity to jump from high cliffs (4, 6, 8m), enter a hidden underwater cave, rope swing, and experience canyoning by letting yourself float downstream along a river. The cave is truly beautiful, full of stalactites and stalagmites, lighted by sunlight that comes from the exit, making the water source in the cave look magical.

Everyone who does not want to attend these activities can enjoy swimming and sun while enjoying a fresh fruit, sandwich, energy bar and water, which we bring with us for a picnic break on the riverside. To avoid entering a cave, you will bypass it on foot by getting off the boat a few meters ahead of the entrance.

After about 4 hours of descending downstream, we will finally reach the end of our adventure, located in Radman's mills, where we will take a break and enjoy the miraculous natural environment. Our van will be waiting for us, with your belongings, so you can change into dry clothes. A quick stop at our village house for toast with homemade brandy for the end of our trip. We then head back to Split. The planned arrival back to Split is between 18:00 and 19:00h.


On our way back to Split we will stop for a beautiful panoramic view of the old pirate town Omiš, where you can take beautiful pictures.

The playfulness and all the funny moments will be captured with a Go Pro action camera, and we will send you a short video and pictures from your rafting experience a few days later.

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